NaomiCorporate Manager.

“I can only thank Lynn for having such faith in me she enabled me to see the light. Without her I simply would not of had the courage to change my situation she is my hero. Remember Lynn as I said to you, you do change lives.”


“I can safely say that without Lynn I would still be in the same place in my life, my endless loop. I am so very thankful her photo popped up during my research and I contacted her, the best investment I have ever made. Our first meeting had a massive impact in my life, and this feeling will linger for a very long time. It was a relief to have someone I could openly talk to about extremely personal things, I have so much gratitude to Lynn. I wish Lynn a very long and healthy life so she can continue to help other men and women, especially men, they need more.
Lots of Love.”

Marie DarielWellbeing Consultant

“Lynn coached me over a period of 3 months at a challenging time for me, when I was setting up my new business whilst being a mother of two little toddlers. Her warm, supportive and punchy style, combined with a perfectly structured and professional approach, and a real passion for people, helped me overcome a sense of impossibility. She always made me reconnect with my inner energy and passion, and she made me implement real changes and actions to reach my goals. I cannot thank her enough for this. I recommend Lynn to anyone who feels stuck and deflated - working with her will definitely boost your self - confidence.”


“I was going through a rather rough patch and anything I tried proved either unhelpful or gave me more stress and heartache than I could handle. I had spoken about my concerns to a couple of professionals, but I turned a corner after I shared it with Lynn. She is a listener who bravely makes offerings and gave me the strength to see different perspectives. She was supportive as I spoke of my anxieties, encouraging as I worked out possibilities and very reassuring as I promised myself to bring about the positive change. Go ahead and engage Lynn as your Coach. You will not be disappointed.”

Catherine RichardsonTeacher

“I found coaching with Lynn to be an invaluable experience. At a point of great change in my life Lynn really helped me to work through my options and I left all of my sessions feeling positive and reassured. I was motivated to get going with the actions we had discussed. Voicing my thoughts to Lynn supported me to identify what I'm looking for deep down, and I'd highly recommend the sessions to anyone! I guarantee you won't regret it.
Many thanks Lynn”

Mary Parry Army Midwife

“I feel very lucky to have found Lynn to coach me. I felt like a trapped bird in a cage. Through Lynn's belief in me I now feel I have become a soaring eagle and I will never look back. This has been incredibly liberating and enhanced my self belief to be my own healer. She was always willing to offer her experience to help me gain another perspective. I have always looked forward to talking to her. It was great that she could coach me over the phone so I didn't even have to leave the house. She was wonderfully flexible to enable me to fit talking with her around my crazy workload and family commitments. I cannot thank Lynn enough for her belief in me. I can not recommend her highly enough.”

A O'Neill Hospital Administrator

“I had a life changing decision to make about my career choices. In a series of very small steps Lynn helped me build up my confidence and self esteem. She has helped me understand and focus on the priorities in my life, and her belief and unwavering support has made me realise I really can achieve anything. Lynn was able to create the perfect coaching environment for me to see clearly and change my career goals. Lynn is someone who immediately puts you at ease and her sensitivity and enthusiasm has helped me reach my full potential. Go ahead call her I promise you won't be disappointed.”

Linda GRetired Landlady

“I was a little uneasy when contemplating counselling as I had a bad experience in the past, but I was made to feel so at ease and comfortable with Lynn she made me feel I could talk about anything. When you recall a very difficult past it can be very upsetting. Lynn was so understanding with empathy and genuine concern she also has a good reasoning concept of how to try to deal with these sad and hurtful feelings and put them into prospective and move forward. I would definitely recommend Lynn, who is not only very professional but a truly nice person who helped me through an extremely difficult period of my life.”

Chloe PrentegalBeauty Therapist

“I first came to Lynn when I was struggling with relationship issues. Through coaching I was able to work out how to get through challenges and create a happier life for myself and my relationship. Lynn helps you focus on what you want to achieve and enables you to take practical steps to achieve your goal. Lynn is kind and caring and instantly puts your mind at ease. It's never too late to be a better version of yourself and I am grateful I took the step to contact her. Try it...”

Lily HartleyYoga Teacher

“I have absolutely loved my coaching sessions with Lynn, not only does she have the ability to make me completely safe during the calls she’s has a gift to really make you feel listened to which I have found unbelievably helpful. I feel I have really broken some barriers with difficult family issues and learnt to understand myself much better, all thanks to her. Thank you Lynn”

Jan Nicholls Buckinghamshire

“As a coach, Lynn created an environment that put me completely at ease, and where her beautiful blend of warmth, compassion and perceptive challenge helped me understand and change some perennial habits I'd tried unsuccessfully to tackle for a long time. Lynn helped me to be completely honest with myself, to laugh at some of my ridiculous excuses, and move forward with a sense of energy and fun.”

Debbie Legg Employment Manager

“Lynn is a fantastic coach, she has a real knack with asking the right questions and actively listening to really understand where the potential blockages are in your life but let's you explore them freely yourself. Lynn has helped me challenge my current way of thinking and self limiting beliefs to be the person I really want to be. This whole process has really helped me gain the confidence to be true to myself and get my mojo back.”

Claire Deverill Banking

“Excellent coach. Helped me with a dilemma I had very easy to talk to. Didn't tell me what to do. Just listened, questioned, challenged and made me feel at ease. I would HIGHLY recommend Lynn.”

Sarah MumfordSales manager

“Lynn has an incredible ability to quickly gain trust by creating a supportive and caring environment for a Coaching conversation. Her positive intent as a coach provides a safe and confidential space to explore personal and important topics. Lynns empathy is truly outstanding and allowed me to really dig deep on what was the real cause of the issue. If you are feeling at all anxious about something going on in your life I could not recommend a better coach.”